An HTML webpage is where Emma and I express our greatest dreams and darkest fears. It is a place where we use animated .gif images to reach out into the world, celebrating the hope and freedom for which so many who came before us gave their lives to protect.

A thoughtful webpage has the same effect as a beautiful melody, lingering for eternity in the mind of one so lucky to have seen it. I would like to thank Tim Berners-Lee for the WWW. I would also like to thank Bob Kahn and Vinton Cerf for the TCP/IP protocol, and J.C.R. Licklider for his 1961 paper on packet-switching and his vision in 1962 of a global computer network.

It is with a webpage that, truly, one can arrange images and text with HTML, and for that I will always be grateful. Thank to you Olia Lialina for organizing this competition, it has been an amazing experience, and thank you to my wife Emma for designing most of our wedding site. (Paul)

it seems that I landed in the role of new media puppet [as stated in my profile] quiet by accident. I had a boyfriend in 1999 who talked me into buying for myself the iMac he would have wanted. I became involved in different online communities because I was lonely and looked for people to talk to. I learnt how to make websites to find other ways to communicate with more people.

through these activities I ditched my iMac boyfriend [plus a few others] and met my husband to be, paul. we communicated via AIM and conducted a long distance relationship that way. I made him mini sites, sent him emails all to seduce him to come to me. we have since done many things together - one of which is get married and the only fitting way to invite people was to use the means that brought us together in the first place - the internet.

I would like to thank all my computer literate exboyfriends for getting me where I am today, because without you all I wouldn't have paul, or this award for my web work that thrills me no end. I would also like to thank the jury for honouring paul and i with this prize. (Emma)