First, compliments to the organisers and participants of this wonderful and timely contest. Personal home pages, as Mirza Babayev put it, is salt of the cybereath, the Alfa and Omega of infocosmos. Without them, without the private persons who represent themselves in direct or mediated ways, the internet would be just another television, an alienating medium of power, manipulation and diddling entertainment based on the unbridgeable gap between producers and consumers. Fortunately, on the internet, there are plenty of brave hearts who are not afraid to create the new world and the new selves and to contribute to common cause by expressing themselves. It is a good idea to grant honours to these heroes, and they definitely deserve it.

Second, I am grateful for the award conferred on me but, to be honest, I feel a bit embarrassed with "life achievement" wording. This formula seems to suggest that everything has been done and the recipient can finally rest in peace. As Caligula breaking the mirror, I want to shout out, "Je suis encore vivant!"