Give me time/This page is no more

160 35mm slides & 2 slide projectors

Olia Lialina, 2015 - ongoing

"There are two types of homepages that break my heart on a daily basis. Ones that promise that very soon, in two weeks, or till the end of the year, or when school starts or stops the page will be built...Others are goodbye pages. Their masters say that they fail, or that they got real life or the real domain name, or that they are angry about Yahoo or rude comments. Both could be last updated on the same day and appear next to each other in the archives timeline."

This slide projection documents the lifecycle of pages from,the now-defunct web hosting service. GeoCities was founded in July 1995 by Beverly Hills Internet and quickly became one of the most popular hosting services on the web. With the advent and professionalisation of Web 2.0, Geocities became synonymous for bad taste. As social media ascended, GeoCities users continued to dwindle, until October 26 2009 when GeoCities hosting services came to a grinding halt. Internet activists and archivists managed to download a terabyte worth of webpages hosted on GeoCities. Give me time/This page is no more presents Lialina's archival study into this unprecedented cache of user culture.

at And/Or Gallery, 2022

at The New Museum, Art Happens Here, 2019

at Aksioma, Ljubljana, The Whole Internet, 2018

at ArtProjects, Ibiza, Asymmetrical Response, 2017

at Bethanien, Berlin, Journey Into A Living Being 2020

at HMKV, Dortmund, Digital Folklore, 2015

at The Kitchen, NY, Asymmetrical Response, 2017

at NEoN Digital Arts Festival, Dundee, 2017