Bridging The Digital Divide

Art Teleportacia artist in residence Dragan Espenschied — his picture will appear in some seconds — could not join us in Bora Bora. He had to stay “zu hause” to take care about the gallery’s links and scroll bars. But of course he was with us: in his thoughts and attempts to imagine paradise on earth.

As Dragan was not “there” he was fascinated by the fact that internet really connects places which are thousands of miles away from each other, bridging big continent and far away island.

Because Dragan was not “there” he used only images and sound he found online searching with key words: “bora bora”, “tahiti”, “beach”, “easter island”, “holidays”, “treasure” and “paradise”.

Dragan’s talent, hours of work online and in ASCII editor, pushing the lake applet to the limit, made this webpage a real masterpiece, a pearl inside your browser.