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Merry Christmas

The story of this work is very curious. On the second day we asked participants of the exhibition to take any picture and put it into any applet. Just to try it out. Hiro(Polinesian God) Arenui(Big Wave), animator of Perl Beach Resort — watch his picture appear in the left bottom in some seconds — scanned a postcard with a famous helicopter view over Bora Bora and processed it with the Snow applet. We all were astonished by the unknown beauty of the Island and Atols:

Sand became snow. The island of eternal summer turned into Snow Queen’s Castle. Just because of white pixels moving from the top to the bottom of the picture:

param name="flakes1" value="500"
param name="flakes2" value="300"
param name="flakes3" value="100"
param name="speed" value="7"

It was the moment when our artists lost their scepticism about applet art and believed that you can express yourself and change the world by means of code and applets. “Merry Christmas” was the turning point and we decided to give this name to the whole exhibition.

Reload the page and the melody of George Michael will play again, filling your heart with sweet memories and anticipation of christmas.