Olia Lialina, 2013

Terms and Conditions

1. Exhibiting

1.1 Credits

1.1.1 Title/Author
Summer, Olia Lialina, 2013

1.1.2 Description
"I like to swing on the location bar of the browser, and I like to know that the speed of swinging depends on the connection speed, and that you can’t watch this GIF offline. This GIF is distributed over many web servers, it is very fragile, can freeze from time to time. Sorry!" or your interpretation.

1.2 Form of Exhibition

Summer is an artwork distributed on the web. Therefore, the piece shall never be exhibited as a video or a set of static images.

I am open to discuss forms of installation that support and emphasize the distributed structure of the work.

The default way of exhibiting the work is live from the web, from the original URLs, via a web browser with the location bar visible.

The URL of any frame can be used to link to the work. The list of all hosts can be found at However, this address is not to be used as a link to the project.

1.3 Exhibition Fee

If you don't host a frame of 'Summer' and want to exhibit it, online or offline, I ask you for a fee.

If you host a frame of Summer you can count on at least 10 EUR / USD / GBP every time the artwork is shown.(still looking for a better, less trivial, but direct expression)

If you host a frame and want Summer to be part of a no-budget show you organized, I will not ask for a fee, but you will be taken off the "payroll".

2. Sale

(This is a first draft, 'Summer' is a challenging online work to sell and to posess, so I invite progressive gallerists and collectors to think how it can be done.)

2.1 Availability

'Summer' is available for sale as a single edition.

'Summer' is not available for sale as a video documentation.

2.2 Conditions of Sale / Owner's Responsibilities

The owner of the work is responsible for keeping the animation running on the web, with the following conditions:

· Each frame has to be hosted on a different domain, each domain must be under control of a different person.

· The owner can reduce or extend the number of hosts, but must keep a minimum of 18 hosting parties to support all frames of the original animation.

· The owner is free to decide which frame is hosted under what domain, but has to keep the replay in the correct order.

· The owner's responsibilities are part of the artwork and can not be changed in the future.

Olia Lialina, 2014-11-26