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Dear Friends:

Modern and media art museums are collecting net art.
Interest is stable
Prices are rising
Understanding is still superficial.

We visited recent on-line and off-line net art exhibitions and noticed that the curators have a tendency to present works of net art in a window with the specification location="No" or to put it into a frameset to hide the location field and URL of the works.

Maybe they think that the location bar (which can contain more than technical information), has nothing to do with art.
Maybe they think net art is a browser adopted version of interactive art; that this is simply animated gifs, JavaScript's and hyperlinks.
Maybe they want to neglect the only parameter which protects copyright.

Here we've collected links to some of the artworks and online projects which are not complete if they exist only in "inwindow" and lose their meaning if location="No".

Hopefully this guided tour will help you in creating new exhibitions, collections and shows.

Notice, please, that links are made to open in a new browser window - target=_new; use it.

Any questions?

 click to open the url in a new window

Let's start here. Follow the link and enjoy beautiful asci animation in the location field of the browser. Imagine that you've made a link to this site with Location="No" tag. Those who follow such a link will simply loose a chance to see it.

Any questions?

On-line co-operation is a cornerstone of any net activity. Artists are working with each other, making co-projects, exchanging links and pages, participating in each other's projects. On any artist's site you will find the presence or traces of other artists. But what can be more significant than the unification of two domains? and Two souls and minds came together. No image, no text, no flash or dhtml in inwindow can express it better than the new domain name. Look at it again.

It's also a good example of web arithmatic: :)

Any questions?

To register a domain with such a name is really great luck and a point of honour for the gatekeeper. Imagine how many people look for this word in search engines or simply type hell in the location field of the browser every day. Nothing is really inside, or maybe something, art of course. Nobody knows, but the location is so attractive. You can't compare with

Any questions?

Web chaos is a net artists' favourite subject, especially because it pretends to be a well organised system on the level of location. This work is about domain names. One changes another in the location field creating a perfect caricature of online society.

Any questions?

Very interesting interpretation. Domain. It's not a name, but code: full anonymity. As if it was generated by the server itself. Not a human being, but a digital mind, is talking to you.

The main activity of this server is to copy files from other art servers and show them as they are, or spoiled. Completely useless action. Only on the level of location field does it obtain a certain meaning and resonance (look at the second picture).

Any questions?

Here, enjoy the opposite. One day DocomentX's on-line archive was changed from being documentation to artwork. Only because of location changing!

Any questions?

Pure location formalism. Domain name for Domain name.

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Personal request. Don't hide this URL because:
1. The beginning location line contains the name of lab where the project was made (c3).
2. In the end it navigates you through the main window. If location is hidden you can be lost.
3. A central part of the project is the trip in the internet, which means travel from one location to another which, as you already know, can be visible only in the Location field of your browser.

Any questions?




squatted locations.

Any questions? was hacked. All information was deleted. Nothing left. But the author of the server wrote: "Those of you who remembered are asked to draw a picture of as many of the pages as you like. You can use crayons, pencils, pens, markers, stencils, spraypaint. If you have never seen, I ask that you envision what you thought it could have been, and present that."

Yes, nothing left to show inwindow, but location still exists and can be filled with a new content, based on it.

Any questions?

Even if they're talking about webdesign and not net or web art, a sophisticated web designer thinks not only about images, texts and comfortable navigation system, but about the location field as well. It needs to be decorated.

Any questions?

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