Animated GIF as a medium, response to PBS short-documentary, 2012

Olia Lialina's Most Famous Net Art Piece Turns 15 An interview to Kathleen Flood (The Creators Project)
August 2011

On web films and Animated GIFS for The Take blog
August 2010

Prof.Dr. Style(Vernacular Web 3)
Top Ten Web Design Styles of 1993, July 2010

An Infinite Séance 2

Aluminum Sites, Geek Curators and Online Conservators for the Owning Online Art – Study for a Netart Gallery, 2009

A Vernacular Web 2

Flat Against the Wall
On New Media and Net Art in New Media and Contemporary Art for Media Art Undone panel at Transmediale.07

An Infinite Séance
How authors managed to escape YouTube; and curators got rid of interactive installations. 2007
(Russian version)

Dearest Progressive Scan Loading an interview with Olia Lialina by Valeska Buehrer 2006

Person of the Year: papier-mâché man.

Space Alien Scrolls (on black) by Frederic Madre 2006

A Vernacular Web by Olia Lialina 2005

New Steps
NY Digital Salon brings e-curating forward. by Olia Lialina 2002

Little heros and big dot
Notes on "Written in Stone. Archeology of" exhibition. by Olia Lialina 2003

About exhibiting net art [german | russian] by Olia Lialina 2000 by Olia Lialina 1998

About Location="Yes" by Mark Tribe

Detailed Research by Nathan Castle

If You Want to Clean Your Screen is sold to

In America in New York Times

First review in WIRED

First Interview in Telepolis

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